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What are some Balance bike Benefits?

Why should you purchase a one of these instead of a standard trike or training wheels? How will this benefit my child? These are some of the questions parents ask. Although they are relatively new in North America, and they are not cheap (although there are less

What is a Balance Bike anyway?

So what are these bikes all about anyways? This is a great question! In its simplest form it eliminates the need of using pedals, and a chain. Instead the child uses their legs to stabilize themselves and get to where they need to go. Since there are

Diggin Active Skuut vs Prince Lionheart

The Diggin Active Skuut and the Prince Lionheart may appear similar in many aspects. They are both wooden, eco-friendly and manufactured by companies who are passionate about the products they sell. In truth, both bikes have many similarities so it is difficult to determine which is the

Buyers Guide

Balance bikes are the newest innovation used to teach children to ride a bike. They are meant to be transitional in that they prepare the rider for regular bikes by teaching them how to stabilize themselves and steer first. However, with more and more options and modifications

Balance Bikes or Trikes – Which is best?

There is a great deal of similarities between this new breed and a tricycle. They are not physically alike, but rather similar in concept. Many parents swear by the old tried and true method of the tricycle. Newer parents are starting to give more thoughts to this

Pros and Cons

You’ve probably heard quite a bit of chatter around the newest growing trend in toddler bicycles, and hence why you landed on this page. Of course there are many benefits to these new bikes and they claim to help teach children to ride faster. However, just like

Age Range

A common misconception about balance bikes is that children will outgrow them quickly therefore making them quite a waste of money. Although it is true that they do not replace regular pedaled bikes for older children, a child can still realize many benefits by using this type

Metal vs Wooden

When you look at any balance bike website on the web (including our website), you will more than likely see two different types of balance bikes: those made from wooden products and those made from metal. So what are the differences? Is one better than the other?

Balance Bikes or Training Wheels?

Advocates of balance bikes believe that training wheels force the child to rely too much on them which in turn hinders their ability to learn how to ride and stabilize themselves on their own. On the other hand, skeptics of these newer models believe that training wheels

Strider ST-3 vs ST-4

Strider is a bike company in the United States well known for its balance bikes, and the balance bike competitions it organizes. The company is an advocate of the balance bike, and believe in the balance first and pedal later rule when teaching children how to bike.