What are some Balance bike Benefits?

Why should you purchase a one of these instead of a standard trike or training wheels? How will this benefit my child? These are some of the questions parents ask. Although they are relatively new in North America, and they are not cheap (although there are less expensive options available); therefore, it’s fair for parents to feel skeptical over this new product.

There are several reasons why parents should consider a one as the option for training their child how to bike.

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Coordination Skills

One of the key elements for success on a pedaled version is balance, the next being coordination. Balance is the first obstacle a child encounters when learning to ride a bike. However, when on a pedaled bike, the focus gets distracted by the need to pedal. So, she concentrates on pedaling when she should balancing. The bike encourages them to rely on her balancing and coordination skills. Without pedals in the way, they will use her legs at first to keep a steady mobility. In time, the new rider will figure out how to just push off with her legs and glide the bike down the street. Introducing these bikes can enhance a child’s motor skills.


The trouble with trike’s, or bikes with training wheels are the pedals, the crank sets and the chains. These are obstructions to a child learning to ride resulting in slight injuries. In the beginning, they will be unfamiliar with pedals so will not use them. Trouble is, when not in use, they still rotate within the vicinity of their legs. Often the unused pedals end up scratching their legs or slamming against their shins.


When it comes to hills or unpaved surfaces, the balance bike allows the rider to use her legs to overcome these obstacles. Arguably, a bike with training wheels, or a trike, offers the same option. However, they are lighter and easily handled by a young child. There are also no pedal obstructions to bother, or hurt while climbing up the hill.

One might argue that they are easy to outgrow. This is not quite true as many companies who sell them offer many different accessories to accommodate the growing physical and technical needs of the child. These bikes are targeted for children as young as 18 months and as old as 6 years old.

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