Strider 12 Balance Bike Review

Who wants to pedal when they don’t have to? The Strider 12 makes it possible for your toddler to get and ride a bike without having to pedal. It will teach them how to ride while having the time of their life. The great thing is it focuses on the three fundamentals of riding…balance, leaning and steering. It teaches your child how to do these three things without the added distraction of pedals. This makes transitioning into actually riding a bike that much easier.

Main Features

Continuing on the success seen in the ST3 models, the Strider 12 has been built to provide your child with excitement while at the same time teaching important skills like coordination. Strider bikes have been some of the most popular since this trend has hit mainstream.

12.7mm Steel Handlebar

The standard handlebar is too big and makes it difficult for a small child to handle and so this model is equipped with 12.7mm steel handlebars. These handlebars are 43% smaller than standard handle bars. This makes it a lot easier for the rider to control it.

EVA Polymer Tires

EVA polymer is nothing more than industrial foam. Making tires out of this material makes them super light and very durable. Your child will have a nice, smooth ride every time.


The company thought of everything when they created the footrests for this newest model. The footrests are positioned right below the saddle for ease of use and comfort. They also provide balance while the the rider is steering. While your child has their feet on the footrests they will be able to glide, pump and jump.


Brake Mount

The brake mount, which is located at the rear gives you the option to add a foot operated brake. As your child becomes more proficient at using their feet to glide you can add in the brake mount for extra protection. Please know the brake kit is sold separately. You can purchase it once they are ready to take their riding skills to a whole new level.


The seats on the this model were specifically designed for tiny riders. The seats are small and narrow which makes it the perfect fit for their tiny little hips. It is also lighter than the typical saddle. The way it is designed makes it a lot easier to ride using the proper positioning and the proper posture.


The biggest pro about this model is the fact it teaches small children how to ride the correct way. As stated before, there are three things children really struggle with when trying to learn how to ride. They are balance, leaning and steering. And while pedals are great, they actually make it harder for children to learn the right way.

This bike eliminates the distraction of pedals and training wheels. Your child will learn how to stabilize themselves, push and stop using nothing more than their feet. The design allows them to focus on balancing, leaning and steering instead of pedaling.

When your child doesn’t have to worry about pedals it gives them more confidence. No longer do they have to worry about staying on the bike. Their fear will be eliminated as they will have complete control over it. Right from the start the rider will learn the concept of balancing on two wheels. Developmental delays that are usually an issue with other types of bikes will no longer be an issue with this model.

Strider 12 Balance Bike Review


Overall I would say the Strider 12 classic is the perfect bike for any toddler just learning how to ride. It comes with everything your child will need to start riding a bike all by themselves. If you look at any of the reviews for this product you will see they are overwhelmingly positive. Parents love this bike because it allows their child to learn at their own pace. The children love it because they have absolute freedom. No training wheels. No pedals. Just fun!

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