Schwinn Balance Bike Review

Learning how to ride a bike is quick and fun with the Schwinn Balance Bike. With this type of bike your child will be able to master all the skills needed to ride the right way. It is pedal free and teaches children to ride without needing training wheels. If your little one has outgrown their tricycle, this is the perfect next step. It mimics a traditional bike minus the pedals. Your child will drag their feet on the ground in order to propel themsevles forward or backwards. The design is very simple allowing your child to build the confidence needed to ride a regular bicycle as they get older.

Features and Benefits

The next section of our review focuses on the main features and the benefits provided by this model.

Fully Adjustable Handlebars & Seat

One problem children often have with regular bikes is the handlebars are too far away. This makes it very difficult for them to ride the correct way. As a result they will often fall off. In some cases injuring themselves quite seriously. With the Schwinn you can adjust the handlebars to the perfect height. That way you know your child will be able to properly handle it. The seat is also adjustable which allows your child to be in the right position at all times. After all, your child isn’t having fun, picking up one of these bikes will surely be a waste of money!

Inflatable Tires

Most bikes come with plastic tires that simply don’t make the cut. They are inferior and don’t last very long. All Schwinn models come with inflatable tires. That means the tires are real rubber and give it a much smoother ride.

Foot To Floor Design

The foot to floor design is all about safety. When your child can easily place their feet on the ground it gives them more control. It also helps keep them safe in the event that accidentally tip over.


Great Value

You pick up this great looking bicycle for less than $80. That’s an amazing price when you consider what all it is capable of doing and when compared to other great balance bikes. The bike gives your child the ability to balance and glide with ease. It will also improve your child’s coordination which is critical during this stage of development.


As you can imagine there are a lot of pros associated to this model. Not only does it have a great company backing the product, but it also doesn’t come with pedals. Often times children have a hard time learn how to ride due to the pedals. They get in their way and cause they to fall. With this model there are no pedals to get in the way. Because of this your child will be able to use both feet to balance themselves.

Another pro is the perceived sturdiness. After all a sturdy bike often means a long lasting one and this one can handle just about anything your little one throws at it. This is another feature that plays heavily into safety.

If your child is new to riding, this is the perfect learning tool. They will be teaching themselves how to ride without even realizing it. It is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

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Customer Reviews

If you look on Amazon you will be bombarded with nothing but positive reviews about this particular model. Children, and parents alike, simply can’t get enough of it. Its safe to safe it has more than exceeded their expectations. Most reviews make mention of the foot to floor design. As parents we always want our children to be safe. This unique design ensures your child is always safe.

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