Haro Z10 Balance Bike Review

Welcome to our review of the Haro Z-10. For this review we look at the model called the Haro Z-10 PreWheelz. This model is manufactured by a well-known brand, whose popularity is a result of its BMX freestyle bikes.

The Z-10 in comparison to other childrens bikes is a very good choice. The passion of its creator is evident in the details of the Z-10. With its crank less frame design, 10″ mag wheels and scuff–resistant tires, the Haro Z-10 should make for a fun, durable and versatile product. The Z-10 is suited for children from 22 months to 5 years old. It is possible for an 18 month old toddler to use it, but they may find it a little too heavy in comparison to a Strider that weighs 6.5 pounds. The Z-10 is also more suitable for indoor use since its tires are 10” foam. Haro has a separate model called the Z-12 which is specifically for more off-terrain biking adventures.


The next sections that follow looks at some of the main features included in the Z-10.


The BMX freestyle bikes that Haro manufactures giving this Z-10 a nice rugged street look.


As a result of the strong but lightweight frame and handles, toddlers are able to be a little adventurous with their Z-10. They can begin to explore various tricks – which are not usually recommended to do on wooden models. It is also weatherproof and capable of withstanding harsh riding environments.


The Z-10 is equipped with a ball bearing handles which provides smooth and stable steering. The handle stem can also be adjusted to meet your child’s needs. The hand grips on the Z-10 are rubber, which allows the child a strong and stable grip. This rubber can certainly show wear and tear over time.


The Z-10’s adjustable seat post has a minimum height of 11 inches and a maximum height of 17 inches. The over-sized saddle allows for a comfortable and stable sitting position for the rider. It is also equipped with an instructor handle. The parent, or instructor, has a comfortable place to hold it while assisting the learning child. This is great for parents like me who just aren’t quite ready to let their kids ride on their own.

Haro Z10 Balance Bike


The Z-10 is equipped with 10 inch foam tires and has a shorter wheel base in comparison to the Z-12. Haro purposely took that direction as they intend the bike for only indoor and paved surfaces. It is not the ideal tire for off-road tracks. If the child is more experienced and prefers an adventurous bike ride then they probably need to take a closer look at the Z-12. A drawback to the wheels is their exposed bolts, which can pose a safety hazard to child.


Not many bikes incorporate footrests into their frames. The Z-10 does have a footrest built into the frame, in the place where the pedals are usually located. The footrests are on each side and are equipped with grip tape. The grip tape is meant to give the rider a better foothold. The problem with the footrests and the grip tape is their location. Younger riders could find themselves getting scratched by the grip tape due to the positioning of the footrests which are quite wide and too close to the straddle.


  • Instructor Handlebars – Built in instructor handlebars provide the parents with a place to hold onto the bike while assisting the learning child.
  • Adjustable – Adjustable seats and handlebars accommodate toddlers of different ages to ride the Z-10.
  • Durable frame – The bike is a durable, lightweight frame that can withstand nature’s elements. The light frame makes it easy for children to carry.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


  • Inconvenient – Non-replaceable wheels mean that the parent may be forced to purchase two different models. The Z-10, with its foam tires, is best suited for indoors and paved surfaces while the Z-12 is for more adventurous riders. The Z-10 would be a more versatile product, and a smart choice for parents if it only allowed consumers the option of changing out the foam tires to air.
  • Footrest location – Footrests and grip tape are not strategically placed. They can possibly scratch the smaller rider.
  • Safety concerns – Exposed bolts on the front and rear wheels can potentially hurt the rider.
  • Price – The price of the Z-10 is a bit higher than the average price.

Overall however, there is quite a bit to like about the Haro. It may be a bit pricey but if you are a parent who hesitates to let their child go on their own then this might be the best choice for you.

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