Diggin Active Skuut vs Prince Lionheart

The Diggin Active Skuut and the Prince Lionheart may appear similar in many aspects. They are both wooden, eco-friendly and manufactured by companies who are passionate about the products they sell. In truth, both bikes have many similarities so it is difficult to determine which is the better product. This article instead will look at similarities between the two bikes, and discuss how these similarities are becoming common place for most wooden bikes in the market.

Bike Frames

Both bikes’ frame are constructed with birch wood, which is an eco-friendly material that is re-usable and fairly strong. On its own the birch wood is still subject to the elements so there warping and rot can be a potential concern. To help with this, both coat the wood with a lacquer veneer coat. This coat certainly helps but does not fully guarantee complete protection. Additionally, both bikes are assembled together with recessed bolts which is a common theme in many wooden models.

Weight and Specs

In regards to overall weight, the Skuut and the Prince Lionheart are at the higher end of the weight spectrum. The Skuut weighs in at 11 pounds while the Prince Lionheart at 10 pounds. In terms of the weight capacity of the child, the Prince Lionheart can withstand children up to 65 pounds while the Skuut can handle a slightly higher 75 pound child.

In terms of height adjustments both bikes allow for adjustable seat heights ranging between 13 and 17 inches. The heavier weight, the higher maximum capacity weight, and the seat height range give a slight edge to the Skuut for older and bigger children.



Their tires are similar in regards to the use of pneumatic rubber tires, but they do differ when it comes to the wheels overall. The Skuut has no spokes as the designers believe that this safety feature prevents children’s feet, laces, or any other debris, from getting into the wheels and causing injury. Meanwhile the Prince Lionheart has the conventional metal spoke wheels which can be considered as a safety hazard.

In general, both models are eco-friendly options for the environmentally conscious consumer. Their classic wooden toy appearance is fun and charming. There is very little difference between the two balance bikes – even in price. Therefore, parents’ decision may be determined by the size of the child, and which is the better deal at the time.

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